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Library Good Practice Benin - PVM

Good Practice Benin - PVM

Good Practice Benin - PVM

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June 2023
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The Global Programme 'Responsible Land Policy' (GPRLP) is part of the Special Initiative 'One World, No Hunger' of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), which aims to reduce extreme poverty and hunger.

In Benin, the country module “Promoting Responsible Land Policy” (Promotion d’une Politique Foncière Responsable; ProPFR) aims to improve access to land for the rural population in the departments of Borgou and Alibori in Northern Benin – specifically, for women and socially marginalized groups (young people, pastoralists and migrants). Customary rights are formalized, and the institutional framework is strengthened to improve the chances of a fair and responsible land policy implementation. ProPFR initiated the participatory village mapping process as a basis for securing customary rights and promoting the identification and peaceful resolution of major disputes over territorial boundaries within and between villages.

For more information on the project: Responsible Land Policy in Benin | Land Portal

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