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December 2016
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The « Environment and Natural Resources Code of Cambodia » (Sixth Draft – – 20 November 2016) is a very extensive proposed law (535 pages !) which will have, if adopted, major impacts on many aspects of Cambodian development (Mines, Energy, Urban planning, etc..) but is particularly important for the management of Protected Areas and of Forests and Fisheries. The code has been elaborated by a panel of experts and several working groups led by Vishnu Law Group. A public national consultation has been organized by MOE in Dec 2016.
MRLG has made an initial analysis the draft law under the lenses of the recognition and defence of customary tenure rights of smallholders farmers and indigenous people, as per its mandate, and shared it with interested stakeholders and partners (especially the ones involved in the “customary tenure L&A) and had a collective discussion before going back to Vishnu with precise suggestions.. Based on these comments, the group has proposed amendments in Part II of this note, focussing on the recognition of customary tenure rights in protected areas.

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Christian Castellanet (Gret)

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