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December 2019
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In Myanmar, millions of farmers are at risk of being considered trespassers on their own land after the adoption of a controversial law. The “Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Land Management Law” (VFV) was amended and approved by the NLD majority Parliament in September and March marks the deadline when all occupants of these lands type should have ask for a permit for it or risk a jail sentence and a fine. Gret, alongside with other international, national and local NGOs, is mobilized to halt the implementation of this law.

Gret is working on land issues in Myanmar for many years, and has produced this policy brief to sum up the main stakes and issues raised by this law in Myanmar’s context. It gives an overview of all its implications (economic, legal, regarding peace and federalism as well as rights) and provide recommendations for authorities to prevent threatening the livelihoods of thousands of smallholders farmers in the country.

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Written by: Celine Allaverdian
summarised and edited by: Kerstin Duell

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