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Library Environmental and Social Policy and Procedures

Environmental and Social Policy and Procedures

Environmental and Social Policy and Procedures
Volume 1. Department of Power, Nagaland

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April 2015
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The North Eastern Region (NER) in India is endowed with rich energy resources but faces significant bottlenecks in electricity access and availability levels. The per capita power consumption in NER is one-third of the national average. The region has a shortfall of about 500MW installed capacity against peak demand of about 1950 MW. No significant generation capacity has been added in the recent past. Therefore, inadequate power supply continues a critical constraint to sustainable growth and economic development in the NER. Some states are generally not able to draw even their allocated share of power from the Central Generating Stations (CGS) through the grid due to poor/inadequate intra/interstate transmission and distribution network and no capacity addition towards transmission/distribution power system not done due to fund constraints. The transmission and distribution (T&D) losses are also quite high (up to 50%) across most of the States as a large number of remote hilly areas are connected through long low tension lines, resulting in low voltages and poor quality of power at consumer end. While generation capacity addition of about 4000 MW program over present installed capacity is already underway, adequate transmission and distribution infrastructure to transmit and distribute this power to consumers within the North-Eastern States is the need of the day.

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