Significance of social networks in sustainable land management in Central Ethiopia and Eastern Uganda | Land Portal

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December 2013
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Fostering collective action is necessary for scaling sustainable land management (SLM) innovations. This paper analyses the significance of social networks in SLM among agricultural rural communities in central Ethiopia and eastern Uganda. Social networks facilitate collective action important for small-scale resource-poor farmers, who tend to rely more on informal sources of information, as well as for women farmers, whose information needs are often not addressed by formal extension services. Findings showed a positive relationship between the strength of social networks and SLM innovation practices. However, private sector networks, particularly important in fostering market-led innovations for enhanced adoption, are conspicuously lacking.

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Tukahirwa, J.M.B.
Fungo, B.
Kamugisha, R.
Wagoire, W.
Gorfu, B.


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