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Library Land reforms in Guinea

Land reforms in Guinea

Land reforms in Guinea
Challenges and prospects for the recognition of legitimate rights

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February 2021
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In Guinea, the land legislation and successive reform processes have shown their limits in dealing with the proliferation of major land and natural resource development projects in rural areas. The government has recently launched new land governance reforms. To ensure that the reforms are a success, several major challenges will need to be addressed as a priority. These challenges include the weak or non-existent recognition of collective customary rights of local communities, inadequate dispute resolution processes and inequitable land access for women. This policy briefing elaborates upon these issues in detail and provides relevant recommendations to inform these reform processes, to move towards responsible land governance which recognises and protects peoples’ legitimate tenure rights in the face of large-scale investments.

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Mamadou Alpha Mariam Diallo

Dakala Grovogui

Moussa Soumaoro

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