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Library LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 12

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 12

LEGEND Land Policy Bulletin 12
Inclusive business and agriculture: what are we learning from the field?

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December 2018
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This bulletin distils lessons from a sugarcane cooperative in Malawi and a forestry investment scheme in Sierra Leone, drawing on the five pillars of inclusive business as identified in the 2018 LEGEND state of the debate report

By reflecting the types of relationship that agribusinesses forge with value chain actors and other stakeholders, these pillars provide a framework for assessing and enhancing inclusiveness in any value chain.

There is little international consensus around what inclusiveness means in agribusiness and how to promote it in practice. Nor is there consensus on the land governance implications of inclusive business. Insofar as promoting more inclusive business requires collaboration among diverse stakeholders, this lack of consensus can undermine efforts to constructively explore options for both policy and practice.

The Land Policy Bulletins are produced by the Core Land Support Team (CLST) for DFID's programme on responsible invesment - Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND).

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Anna Locke, Philippine Sutz, Peter Rowan, Stephanie Doig

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