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Library Law of the Republic of Estonia on Ownership.

Law of the Republic of Estonia on Ownership.

Law of the Republic of Estonia on Ownership.

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This Law regulates property relations in the Republic of Estonia by defining owners, the forms of ownership, the grounds for origination of the right of ownership, and the principles of exercising and protecting the rights of ownership (art. 1). Ownership may be in the form of "personal property of a legal person", municipal property or state property (art. 2). Other forms of property may be established by law. Article 3 provides for common property. The remaining provisions of Part I ("General provisions") deal with the right of property and the protection of the right of property. Articles 14 to 17 of Part II (Forms of Ownership), make provision for property belonging to a physical person being a citizen of Estonia. Article 18 specifies those legal persons which may be property owners: a cooperative, a public organization and a public movement, an association of religious communities, a leasing enterprise and a specific purpose fund. The subsequent articles regulate ownership by one or more of these organizations. Provisions of Part III deal with common property. (49 articles)

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