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Library Land Code.

Land Code.

Land Code.

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December 1990
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This Land Code is divided into the following Chapters: Fundamental provisions (1); Powers of local Soviets of People's Deputies and the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of regulation of land relationships (2); Possession and use (3); Withdrawal of lands (4); Land leasing (5); Cessation and transfer of the right of possession and right of use of land (6); Use of plots of land for survey work (7); Tax and rents on land (8); (Agricultural provisions), Basic provisions (9); Ownership of collective farms, State farms and other agricultural enterprises, institutions and organizations (10); landownership and private farming (11); landownership and land use of orcharding, gardening and animal farming citizens' cooperatives (12); Lands in urban areas (13); Suburban and green zones (14); Lands in rural areas (15); [no chapter 16]; Responsibility for the violation of land legislation (17).The provisions of this Code dealing with agriculture provide for the distribution of such lands to various categories, including private citizens, collective and State farms, citizens' cooperatives, research and educational institutions, etc. The use of highly productive lands may not be altered unless permission is granted for exceptional circumstances by the Government, although alteration of land plot boundaries are based on consent of landowners. Tenure rights of collective ownership regimes shall be retained when they enter agroindustrial amalgamations, combinats, agrofirms, etc. (art. 65). Applications for land transfer for private farming are to be made to the regional Soviet of People's Deputies.

Repealed by: Land Code (Law No. 425-Z). (2008-07-23)

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