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Library Act promulgating the Land Code B.E. 2497.

Act promulgating the Land Code B.E. 2497.

Act promulgating the Land Code B.E. 2497.

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Act containing the Land Code and making transitional and other provisions in relation with the introduction of the Code. The Code consists of 113 sections divided into 12 Chapters: General provisions (1); Land allocation for the people (2); Delimitation of rights in land (3); Issuance of documents showing rights in land (4); Land survey (5); Recording of rights and legal acts (6); Limitation of rights in land for religious purposes (7); Limitation of aliens’ rights in land (8); Limitation of rights in land of some categories of juristic persons (9); Trade in land (10); Fees (11); Penalties (12).Chapter 1 makes general provision with respect to title in land, transfer of title and loss of title. Further it makes provision with respect to land belonging to the public domain and use of such land. Chapter 2 concerns cadastral survey for land reform purposes and the establishment of the National Land Allocation Commission which shall be the main public body to administer land allocation. Land may be allocated by the Director General of the Department of Lands in accordance with sections 29 to 33. Chapter 3 provides for the delimitation of zones. Land shall be registered by the Land Official (sect. 71, Chapter 6). Chapter 9 places limitations on land held by foreigners through legal persons.

Implemented by: Ministerial Regulations prescribing principle, procedure and conditions for land acquisition to be used as alien living quarter B.E. 2545 (2002). (2002-01-11)

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