Governmental Order No. 456 regarding validation of the list of lines of activities subject to special permit (licence) and institutions authorized to issue such permits (licences). | Land Portal

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs is entitled to supervise over production, trade and repair of hunting and sporting weaponry. The Ministry of Housing Facilities and Public Utilities is entitled to carry out activity regarding operation and maintenance of networks, constructions, structures and equipment facilities of water supply, sewerage and water allotment services. The Ministry of Forestry is responsible for logging, soft resin procurement, sap procurement, sawing and planing production. The Ministry of Emergencies and protection of population from the Consequences of the Disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station is responsible for control and monitoring of radioactive contamination of the environment, alimentary products and household articles. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection is responsible for marketable procurement (purchasing) of wild growing plants/herbs (their parts), mushrooms, technical and official raw materials of vegetable origin, their industrial processing and trade, and utilization of wild animals (with the exception of fish stock). The Committee for Fish Resources Protection is entitled to carry out activity in the sphere of marketable fisheries and catch of aquatic invertebrates, as well as the organization of artisanal fishing on a payment basis. The State Committee on Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography is responsible for establishment (reconstruction) of land plot borders for owners, landowners and land tenants, as well as protected territories, fulfilment of topographic and geodetic, cartographic and air-photographic works, as well as editing of maps. The Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs is responsible for veterinary practices, production of alcoholic beverages and tobaccos, prevention of animal disease, processing and handling of fish and meat products, and milk.

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