Order No.486 of 1995 of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources regarding the arrangements for carrying out Governmental Ordinance of 23 October 1995 No.1454-r. | Land Portal

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The Government, for the purpose of stimulation of carrying out arrangements for protection and reproduction of wildlife species by the hunters at their own expenses, recommends regional executive bodies to concede to the hunters hunting grounds for hunting management for a period of not less than 25 years; to concede to the hunting associations free-of-charge out of the stock of public land and state stock of forest plots of land and hayfields calculated in proportion of 1 hectare for 10 thousand hectares of allotted hunting grounds; to issue to the hunters permits (licences) free-of-charge for hunting on the allotted hunting grounds wildlife species which they have grown and populated on the aforesaid hunting grounds bringing their number to the commercial density. The hunters are recommended to elaborate and carry out additional arrangements for strengthening the proper financial position and financial position of hunting associations at the expense of the expansion of economic activity, reduction of costs and losses and more rational use of finances.

Implements: Ministerial Decree No. 1454-P on improving the activity of the users of hunting facilities and hunting areas in the field of protection and reproduction of wildlife species. (1995-10-23)

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