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Library Law of Property Act (1993).

Law of Property Act (1993).

Law of Property Act (1993).

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The Law of Property Act provides for real rights, their content, creation and extinguishment and is the basis for other laws regulating real rights. Real rights are ownership (right of ownership) and restricted real rights: servitudes, real encumbrances, right of superficies, right of pre-emption and right of security. The Law consists of 9 Sections that contain 365 Paragraphs. Section 2 (Chapterss 1 and 2, Paragraphs 32- 67) regards land register. The Law specifies that only information prescribed by law and regarding immovables and real estate rights shall be entered in the land register. The rights entered in the land register shall remain valid according to the notarised agreement of the persons concerned. The land register is public. Everyone has the right to examine land register information and to receive extracts therefrom pursuant to the procedure provided by law. A land register entry shall be made, amended or deleted on the basis of a registration application. A registration application is a unilateral application which expresses the desire for an entry to be made in the land registry. A registration application may also be contained in a real right contract.

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