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December 2008
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The main aim of the present Act is to ensure that the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and the related regions shall be developed, organized and protected by general regional plans. In so doing 1) differing requirements shall be harmonized and related conflicts shall be solved at local planning level; 2) provisions shall be made regarding specific activities and individual land uses. The text consists of 29 articles divided into 4 Parts as follows: General provisions (I). This Part is composed of the following articles: Task and overall concept of regional planning (1); Principles of regional planning (2); Definitions (3); Binding effects of the requirements of regional planning (4); Binding effects of special construction projects of the federal government (5); Exceptions (6); General provisions on land use plans (7); Land use planning in the “Länder” (II). This Part is made up of the following articles: Legal basis of the Länder (8); Environmental impact assessment (9); Regional plan for the territory of a Land (10); Subregional plans (11); Plan maintenance (12); Coordination on land use planning (13); Prohibition of plans and measures conflicting with regional planning (14); Land use planning proceedings (15); Simplified land use proceedings (16). Land use planning at the federal level (III). This Part consists of the following articles: Land use plans for the whole territory and for the whole German economic zone (17); Land use plans issued by the Federation (18); Announcement of land use plans by the Federation (19); Conservation of land use plans by the Federation (20); Procedure for deviation from objectives of land use plans (21); Prohibition of plans and measures conflicting with land use plans (22); Empowerment to issue Ordinances (23); Advisory Council on Land Use Planning (24); Competences of the Federal Building and Land Use Planning Office (25). Completing and concluding provisions (IV).

Repeals: Land Use Planning Act. (1997-08-18)

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