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Library State Lands Act (Cap. 57:01).

State Lands Act (Cap. 57:01).

State Lands Act (Cap. 57:01).

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This Act provides for the administration, management and protection of state lands. It also provides that the dominion of the seashore lying between the high water mark and the low water mark belongs to and is vested in the State. The President may grant (a licence for) part of such land, and land reclaimed from the sea shall belong to and be vested in the State or the grantee. The Act, among other things: defines powers of the President in respect of state land; creates the office of Deputy Commissioner of State Lands; provides with respect to grants and leases in state lands; provides with respect to survey of state lands; protects state lands from squatting and illegal extraction of materials on state lands.

Implemented by: State Lands (Fees) Regulations (Cap. 57:01). (2011-12-31)

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