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This Act makes provision with respect to conservation of the forest, soil, water and other natural resources of Grenada. The Minister shall establish and maintain a Forestry Department within his or her Ministry, appoint forestry officers and generally promote the interests of forestry. The Forestry Department shall, for the purpose of implementing forest policy, plant, manage and use land vested in it or put at its disposal by the Minister. The Act sets out the aims of the forestry policy of Grenada, which shall include the protection of forests, soil and water resources and protection of areas of natural and undisturbed habitat for indigenous flora and fauna. The Governor-General may declare any area of Crown land to be a forest reserve or declare any area on private land to be a protected forest and may make rules to regulate or prohibit within a protected forest various specified activities including grazing, timber cutting and breaking up or clearing of lands for cultivation. Owners of land, which is declared a protected forest, may be compensated. The Act also provides with respect to, among other things: protection of trees listed in the Second Schedule, voluntary protection of private forests; legal action to be taken against persons in wrongful possession of Crown Lands, seizure of straying livestock, enforcement measures, offences and regulation-making powers of the Minister. (Completed by two Schedules)

Implemented by: Protected Forest Order (Cap. 116). (2013-12-27)
Implemented by: Protected Forest Rules (Cap. 116). (2013-12-27)
Implemented by: Protected Forests (Tuilleries-Bagatelle) Rules (Cap. 116). (2013-12-27)
Implemented by: Crown Lands Forest Produce Rules (Cap. 116). (2013-12-27)
Implemented by: Protected Forests (Tuilleries-Bagatelle) Rules (S.R.O. No. 16 of 1956). (1946-03-18)

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