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A Framework Agreement between the government of Canada, of Saskatchewan and first nations. In particular, the Agreement, signed on 22 September 1992, provides the 25 signatory First Nations with $440 million over 12 years to purchase land, mineral rights and improvements, which include buildings and structures affixed to the land. First Nations are entitled to purchase federal, provincial or private land anywhere in Saskatchewan. The text consists of 22 articles as follows: Definitions and interpretations (1); Land quantum (2); Entitlement monies (3); Land acquisitions (4); Minerals (5); Water (6); Provincial roads (7); Third parties interests (8); Urban reserves (9); Subsequent adherence and ratification of band specific agreements (10); Procedures for reserve creation (11); Tax loss compensation (12); Taxation (13); Existing and future programmes (14); Entitlement band release, indemnity and finality (15); Canada and entitlement bands - Finality of settlement respecting Saskatchewan (16); Other Indian bands (17); Settlement Board (18); Arbitration (19); General provisions (20); Best efforts (21); Coming into force (22).

Implemented by: Treaty Land Entitlement Implementation Act (S.S. 1993, c. T-20.1). (2013)
Implemented by: Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement Act (S.C. 1993, c. 11). (1993)

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