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April 2016
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The Basic Law is amended by adding at the end of Part VI A, the following new Part VIB on Land leasing Interpretative provisions. 65L: (A) "immovable property" includes any immovable property to let on lease under the provisions of this Law; the terms "ban", "competent District Land Office," "transfer" and "mortgage" have preserved "mutatis mutandis", the meanings attributed, respectively, to these terms by the Transfers and Mortgaging Property Law;"Leased" has the meaning given to this term by section 2 of the Leasing Act; (d) 'lease' means lease, any category, as defined in on Finance Tenancy Law. For the purposes of Part 2, the terms "landlord" and "tenant" include their respective heirs, personal representatives, administrators, guardians and commissioners of such persons and their guardians of the estate of such persons and (A) the current owner of the property leased; (B) in the case of the lessee, the current owner of the right acquired by registration of the lease. Leases Register. 65LA: (1) Where real property is leased for a period exceeding ten years, no right is acquired by the lease unless, subject to the provisions of this Part, is registered in accordance with the provisions of this article. For the record the land lease under the provisions of this article, a copy of the contract is produced in the competent District Land Authority.65LD. In case of inheritance, amended articles force sales or appropriate registration of transfer under article 65LG, and the real right shall accrue to the licensee for the period of the original lease of a concerned immovable property not yet expired and may register regardless of the length of this period. The provisions of Articles 65LV, 65LZ, 65LI, 65LTH and 65MA apply mutatis mutandis with respect to the licensee and the real right acquired.

Amends: Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) Law (No. 8/1953). (1953)

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