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January 2022
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Rwanda is recognized as a global land governance leader due to the success of its Land Tenure Regularisation Program (LTRP), which resulted in the registration of over 11 million parcels and the issuance of 7 million certificates of title, and the establishment of the Land Administration Information System (LAIS). These notable achievements have contributed to land market viability, reductions in land disputes, and increased land-based revenue. However, some land administration challenges persist, including high costs and delays for buyers and sellers, as well as the double selling of land, identity fraud, and repudiation associated with land transfers.In recognition of the need for innovative solutions to these persistent challenges, Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA), Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), and Medici Land Governance (MLG) developed Ubutaka App, a paperless, secure, and fully interoperable land administration system. The system uses emerging technology to simplify land transactions by voluntary sale and prevent double selling of land, identity fraud, and repudiation. Designed for use by Land Notaries and Registrars in Rwanda, and currently being piloted in Gasabo District, Ubutaka requires only one visit to a notary through the use of biodata, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and blockchain. The web-based application integrates seamlessly with existing Rwandan systems, including Irembo, LAIS, and Rwanda National Identification Agency (NIDA) to securely transmit citizens’ information. Authorizations and approvals by users are completed using PKI. Finally, for added transparency and security, key components of the process are recorded on blockchain.The adoption of advanced land governance systems enhanced by emerging technologies, such as Public Key Infrastructure and blockchain, enables the Government of Rwanda to solve modern land sector problems and better protect the country’s land heritage. This paper demonstrates how technologies such as Ubutaka app provide opportunities for positive transformation in citizen-centric land administration.

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Ailey Kaiser Hughes

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