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January 2021
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Copyright (c) 2020 James Kanyepe, Marian Tukuta, Innocent Chirisa

The interaction between transport landuses and travel patterns produce diverse transportation problems in urban cities with traffic congestion as the most visible manifestation Traffic congestion is a frequent phenomenon in most cities around the globe This paper reviews the interaction between landuse traffic congestion through published literature The objective of this study is to encourage and provide researchers with future research directions in landuse and traffic congestion For this purpose a systematic review was performed analysing 45 articles from the year 2010 to 2020 using a descriptive approach Subsequently the results of the study show that although the interaction between landuse and traffic congestion has gained currency in developed countries far less is known on this subject in developing parts of the world though new evidence is steadily accumulating Consequently limitations of this work are presented opportunities are identified for future lines of research Finally the conclusion confirms the need for further research addressing the methodological concerns

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James Kanyepe, Marian Tukuta, Innocent Chirisa

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