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June 2020
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In recent years, many attempts have been made in Poland to enable automatic data exchange between the system of the Cadastre, being the responsibility of local government units, and the system of Land and Mortgage Register, maintained by the judicial administration (supported by the state apparatus represented by the Ministry of Justice). Such exchange is necessary as it is dictated by the establishment of the Integrated Real Estate Information System. These actions, however, are hindered by the different approaches of the users to the designs and functions of the two systems, as well as by the data incompatibility between the two registers. The article discusses various categories of problems related to the need to synchronise the terms corresponding to spatial objects between individual groups of users. Then, it outlines the difficulties associated with the unambiguous assignment of spatial objects to specific objects of a higher hierarchy level, resulting from the different priorities of the operators of both systems. The author also points out to the fact that ensuring coherence of the data on real property location is yet another condition allowing automatic data exchange between the systems and a full data modernization process in the base systems for the Integrated Real Estate Information System. Due to significant discrepancies between the assumptions of the systems and the data actually stored in them, such systematisation of attributes is necessary. The process of making the data on real estate consistent must take into account the conditions related to both historical events, often dating back to the times of partitions, as well as errors repeatedly committed on current basis, related to the incorrect entry of new data. The article has also pointed to the problems in data standardisation, resulting from multi-level administrative divisions, carried out due to various social needs.

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Przewięźlikowska, Anna


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