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December 2020
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Non-technical summaryUntil the past half-century, all agriculture and land management was framed by local institutions strong in social capital. But neoliberal forms of development came to undermine existing structures, thus reducing sustainability and equity. The past 20 years, though, have seen the deliberate establishment of more than 8 million new social groups across the world. This restructuring and growth of rural social capital within specific territories is leading to increased productivity of agricultural and land management systems, with particular benefits for those previously excluded. Further growth would occur with more national and regional policy support.

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Pretty, Jules
Attwood, Simon
Bawden, Richard
Berg, Van Den, Henk
Bharucha, Zareen P.
Dixon, John
Flora, Cornelia Butler
Gallagher, Kevin
Genskow, Ken
Hartley, Sue E.
Ketelaar, Jan Willem
Kiara, Japhet K.
Kumar, Vijay
Lu, Yuelai
Macmillan, Tom
Maréchal, Anne
Morales-Abubakar, Alma Linda
Noble, Andrew
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Reganold, John
Ricks, Jacob I.
Rockström, Johan
Saito, Osamu
Thorne, Peter
Wang, Songliang
Wittman, Hannah
Winter, Michael
Yang, Puyun

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