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Mines and Communities Website

Mines and Communities Website

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The Mines and Communities Website ("MAC") was initiated by
members of the Minewatch Asia-Pacific London support group. Its main aim is to ensure easy access to materials published by the group, as well as partner organisations and individuals.

We want to make information on mining impacts, projects, and the
corporate sector more widely available. Above all, we hope to empower
mining-affected communities, so that they can better fight against
damaging proposals and practices.

The website is supported by: JATAM (Mining Advocacy Network,
Indonesia), Mines, Minerals and People (India), Minewatch Asia Pacific
Project (Philippines), Partizans (People against Rio Tinto Zinc and Its
Subsidiaries, UK), Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links (UK), the
Society of St. Columban (UK) and Third World Network Ghana. These
organisations are also represented on the editorial group which will
submit and monitor new information and contacts on which this website
can build......See the Country page for several dozen articles and reports on mining in Burma. MAC is one of the homes of "Grave Diggers: A Report on Mining in Burma" by Roger Moody.

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