LASCAUX and food security law around the world LASCAUX et le droit de la sécurité alimentaire dans le monde LASCAUX and food security law around the world : The intellectual history of an atypical legal research programme LASCAUX et le droit de la sécu... | Land Portal

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June 2018
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This paper is about the research methods, stages, challenges and results of the LASCAUX programme, a European research programme that took place over five years, between February 2009 and January 2014. The LASCAUX programme is concerned with food issues, “from plough to plate”, from a mainly legal perspective. More particularly, the nuclear core of the programme is based on the study of the concept of "food security", according to the definition from the FAO. Studying food security is demanding for researchers in Law: being at the meeting point of different areas of law, but with no clear and indisputable way to identify a special field of the law that could be named food security law, its recognition and effectiveness depend on bringing together a vast set of coordinated rules which must be revealed or thought up. Besides, studying food security means working on legal issues which are not just technical but societal, with regard to socio-economic issues, and therefore concrete reality.

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François Collart Dutilleul
François Collart Dutilleul

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