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Library The State of Land Information in South Africa

The State of Land Information in South Africa

The State of Land Information in South Africa
A Webinar Report
The State of Land Information in South Africa

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October 2020
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What is the state of land information in South Africa? Is there really a lack of land data to support decisions and to improve land governance? This was the point of departure that a team of specialists grappled with to uncover the many different sources of land data and information available in South Africa. For the very first time, they attempted to systematically review and categorize the entire ecosystem of data and information related to key land topics in the country, assessing over 104 land datasets from 59 different sources. This robust scoping exercise is now documented in the report “State of Land Information in South Africa,” jointly published by the Land Portal Foundation and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

For this webinar, we invited experts from various sectors to reflect on the open data assessment for South Africa. We reflected on the power dynamics around open data. Participants were invited to discover the key findings of the report, and to discuss what challenges and opportunities still exist to promote openness, transparency and quality of land data as building blocks to improve governance and security of land tenure.



  • Laura Meggiolaro, Team Leader, The Land Portal Foundation 


  • Mark Napier, Principal Researcher, CSIR
  • Siyabu Manona, Land information Specialist, LandNNES  
  • Serena Coetzee, Professor and Head of Department, Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology, University of Pretoria 
  • Maroale  Chauke, Director, National Spatial Information Framework, Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development
  • Nicolás Grossman, Researcher and Data Lead, Global Data Barometer  

A complete recording of the webinar is available on YouTube:

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