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June 2021
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June 2021
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Community Development Association (CDA)

Many challenges emerged in the last year, which were exacerbated by the pandemic in community level:  Indigenous Community People in the Northwestern region of Bangladesh

The Santal Indigenous People are living in the village of Hatrampur. FGDs findings on COVID-19 impact in the livelihood of Hatrampur IP Village.  CDA conducted FGDs Hatrampur village dated on 3rd June 2021 for measuring COVID pandemic impact. FGD assessed types of challenges or impact on their belief, culture, food system & employment during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Brief impact findings & challenges occurred in their life & Livelihood such Employment, climate change & gender,  impacted belief, culture & food system by COVID-19 and Government support on khasland settlement which link to the reform require of the national khasland policies. 

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