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December 2015
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The SWSR is a reference document on the status of global soil resources that provides regional assessments of soil change. The information is based on peer-reviewed scientific literature, complemented with expert knowledge and project outputs. It provides a description and a ranking of ten major soil threats that endanger ecosystem functions, goods and services globally and in each region separately. Additionally, it describes direct and indirect pressures on soils and ways and means to combat s oil degradation. The report contains a Synthesis report for policy makers that summarizes its findings, conclusions and recommendations. See sections and individual chapters : Introductory information Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The role of soils in ecosystem pr ocesses Chapter 3: Global Soil Resources Chapter 4: Soils and Humans Chapter 5: Drivers of global soil change Chapter 6: Global soil status, processes and trends Chapter 7: Soil change: impacts and responses Chapter 8: Governance and policy responses to soil change Chapter 9: Regional Assessment of Soil Changes in Africa South of the Sahara Chapter 10: Regional Assessment of Soil Change in Asia Chapter 11: Regional Assessment of Soil Changes in Europe and Eurasia Chapter 12: Regional Assessment of Soil Changes in Latin America and the Caribbean Chapter 13: Regional Assessment of Soil Changes in the Near East and North Africa Chapter 14: Regional Assessment of Soil Changes in North America Chapter 15: Regional Assessment of Soil Change in the Southw est Pacific Chapter 16: Regional Assessment of Soil Change in Antarctica Annex: Soil groups, characteristics, distribution and ecosystem services Glossary of Technical Terms Authors and affiliations Also available is the Technical Summary of the Status of the World’s Soil Resources.

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The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Those Countries Experiencing Serious Drought and/or Desertification, Particularly in Africa (UNCCD) is a Convention to combat desertification and mitigate the effects of drought through national action programs that incorporate long-term strategies supported by international cooperation and partnership arrangements.


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