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July 2010
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The forces of globalization, especially private investors from China, Vietnam and Malaysia are accelerating pressures on Cambodia, putting enormous pressure on ethnic Bunong traditional lands, natural resources, and cultural heritage. Exacerbating the situation, the Cambodian government permits -- even encourages -- foreign interests access to Bunong lands for mining, agricultural concessions, hydro-power, and other uses. 

VFI has created a Community Center, within this project our goal is to provide the Bunong ethnic people of Cambodia with access to education, skills and legal information and to empower them to defend their land rights. The center has become a recognized and neutral location to host meetings and negotiations between Bunong community members and companies holding land concessions. The centre allows representatives from the Bunong community to have greater access to the indigenous networks, and has increased access to relevant lessons and materials.
This video is about the Bunong ethnic group of Mondulkir Province in the remote northeast of Cambodia.

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