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By: Women Voice, Rong Chen

Date: January 5th 2017

Source: Women of China

Two high-ranking officials from China's Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) attended a press briefing on January 3 to explain the nation's latest policies on the reform of collective rural property rights.

Han Changfu, minister of the MOA, and Chen Xiaohua, vice-minister of the MOA, both spoke at the event which was organized by the Information Office of the State Council.

Specifically, a journalist from China Women's News asked the officials about the measures taken to safeguard women's legal rights and interests as part of the reform.

Han Changfu's Explanation

"Women's rights and interests are substantial issues, and a key part of the reform," Han stated.

According to the reform policy, the country's Rural Collective Economic Organization will be responsible for verifying corresponding women's membership. As long as women are members of the organization, their rights – including household, property rights, and other interests – will be safeguarded.

Moreover, the organization is responsible for confirming a person's membership via democratic discussions, said Han.

Relevant guidance about membership verification should be issued at the county level. Then, it is for the local population to decide whether the affiliation is qualified or not, he said.

In practice, different areas have already carried out initiatives that vary from region to region to scrutinize relevant fellowships and ratify women's share of titles.

In conclusion, the reform aims to maintain harmony and stability in rural areas. Success cannot come without the support from the general population, Han concluded.

Chen Xiaohua's Explanation

The latest policy stresses that verifying procedures for membership in the Rural Collective Economic Organization should be made in accordance with a majority approval.

The CPC (Communist Party of China) Central Committee has always attached great importance to the work of safeguarding women's rights, said Chen. Both the property policy and relevant laws have stipulated specific principles and regulations in this respect.

To prevent violations of women's rights, women who are co-owners of land or property are urged to register their names on the property rights list during land contract and management rights verification.

Moreover, each individual is a unit in the shareholding cooperative system, which can further protect the interests of female shareholders in the shared assets, said Chen.

Grassroots officials are encouraged to explore new approaches to protect women's rights, he added.

(Source: Women Voice/Translated and edited by Women of China)


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Photo source: Women of China / State Council Information Office

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