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March 5, 2024 — In 2023, four land-sector organizations came together, with support from the European Commission (EC), to strengthen the central role of data in securing equitable land rights for sustainable development, poverty eradication, peace and the protection of human rights. The EC Land Data Partnership, which includes the International Land Coalition (coordinating the partnership), the Land Portal Foundation, the Land Matrix Initiative, and Prindex, published their Joint Statement of Intention in recognition of International Open Data Day. 

The joint statement calls out both FAIR and CARE data principles in committing to make land-related data more open, reusable, and interoperable. FAIR stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable – the underlying framework for open data. CARE comes from Collective Benefit, Authority to Control, Responsibility, and Ethics, and came about as open data principles were seen as not fully capturing the power differentials now espoused in CARE. 

Together, these data principles explore a tension between open and control, between those with power and those without. The work of the data partners reflects these complexities, as they promote both the importance of public sector land data as well as citizen-generated data and third-party data initiatives for improved policy and decision making.  

Read the full statement below.

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Land Data Partnership
Joint Statement of Intention

The Land Data Partnership is formed by the International Land Coalition (ILC), the Land Portal Foundation (LPF), the Land Matrix Initiative (LMI) and Prindex, as supported by the Global Land Alliance (GLA) and ODI.

Together, with the support of the European Union and coordinated by the International Land Coalition (ILC), these organizations have committed to collaborate with the aim of reducing duplication and increasing impact in land governance through collecting and sharing data more effectively.

Working Together for Impact 

Recognizing the crucial role that data on land plays in the development of inclusive, just and evidence-based policies, the EC Land Data Partners are working to reduce fragmentation and improve the complementarity of global land data initiatives. The partnership identifies opportunities to increase the use and impact of land data to improve land governance, elevate the centrality of land data and hold key actors accountable.

Guiding Principles

The Land Data Partnership is guided by the following overarching principles: 

  1. Collaborative and transparent coordination, minimizing fragmentation and duplication across initiatives while maximizing efficiency and joint impact. 

  2. Alignment with major global development frameworks, ensuring our work is informing progress and highlighting the role of land in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Voluntary Guidelines on Tenure (VGGTs) and the Framework for Effective Land Administration (FELA), among others. 

  3. Promote FAIR and CARE data principles to ensure that all types and sources of land-related data are more open, reusable and interoperable to improve policy and decision making.


The Partnership strives to present  land data in a clear and coordinated way in high-impact spaces to better inform policies, programs and practices to improve the tenure security of land users and local communities.



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