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The Land We Lost Briefing Document
Reports & Research
July 2019

This publication is the outcome of our research on the socio-environmental impacts of large pulp and paper, timber tree and oil palm plantations in Sarawak. It contains two case studies on plantation affected indigenous communities in Batu Niah and Bakong in the Miri Division.

Reports & Research
May 2019
Latin America and the Caribbean

Este dossier presenta los resultados de la investigación de 6 de nuestros colaboradores y socios en la Región.  En todos, el paraguas común es la búsqueda de diversos efectos sociales y ambientales de las grandes transacciones de tierra de la Land Matrix; que logren desenmascarar las situaciones de acaparamiento en la Región

Manuals & Guidelines
May 2019

This note provides guidance for civil society actors and communities on how to access and how to use the information contained in contracts with companies to be able to:

• Understand company and government obligations related to a company project;

• Monitor whether those obligations are being fulfilled;

Institutional & promotional materials
March 2019

The case-study presents the case of the appropriation of pastoral lands by the coming of large-scale extractive industries in Turkana, Kenya. The case-study is meant to raise awareness among the general audience regarding the precarious situation of the pastoralists in the context of this new socio-economic development and lack of secure land tenure.

Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
Training Resources & Tools
March 2019

This set of Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPs) have been developed to help any company looking to ensure their operations are undertaken in a manner that safeguards respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The tools, accompanied by easy-to-use, step-by-step guides help companies:

• Reduce production delays

• Maintain “Social License to Operate”

Armed conflict and mining induced land-use transition in northern Nimba County, Liberia
Journal Articles & Books
March 2019

This study determined pre-conflict, conflict and post-conflict land use change and analysed the impact of armed conflict on the intensity of land use change in northern Nimba County. 

Reports & Research
February 2019
Burkina Faso

GLOCON's new country Report examines the impact of industrial mining in Burkina Faso on the local population, focusing on the view of residents of six industrial mining locations. Surveys in the affected villages demonstrate that, in contrast to the promises of mining companies and state authorities, the opening of the mines has not improved the conditions of living in the villages.

Reconsidering Sovereignty, Ownership and Consent in Natural Resource Contracts: From Concepts to Practice
Journal Articles & Books
January 2019

A wave of commercial investments in the natural resource sectors has rekindled debates about the place of contracts in the interface between economic governance and control over natural resources.

Reports & Research
December 2018

ABSTRACTED FROM EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The aim of this report is to improve understanding of how to mainstream gender sensitivity into actions that seek to support communities to address land confiscations.