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People whose ancestors inhabited a place or a country when persons from another culture or ethnic background arrived on the scene and dominated them through conquest, settlement, or other means and who today live more in conformity with their own social, economic, and cultural customs and traditions than those of the country of which they now form a part.


Source: Convention (No. 169) concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, UNHCHR, 1991.

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Policy Brief: Forest governance by indigenous and tribal peoples
Policy Papers & Briefs
March 2021
Latin America and the Caribbean

Indigenous and tribal peoples control about one third of Latin America and the Caribbean’s forests. Supporting their efforts to control, sustainably manage, and benefit from these forests can greatly help to solve the problems of climate change, loss of biological and cultural diversity, rural vulnerability, and food insecurity.

Reports & Research
February 2021

Las medidas de confinamiento adoptadas por el gobierno colombiano para contener la propagación del Covid-19, se han traducido en un detrimento de libertades y derechos fundamentales de las personas: restricciones de movilidad, toques de queda sin garantía de renta básica, cierre de mercados, inoperatividad de sistemas judiciales, precariedad del sistema de salud, abusos policiales, fortalecimie

République Démocratique du Congo : Retour en arrière en temps de COVID-19
Reports & Research
February 2021
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Le présent rapport met en exergue les reculs constatés dans l’application des lois et règlementations en matière de sauvegardes et de protection des droits des communautés locales et des peuples autochtones (CLPA) en République Démocratique du Congo (RDC).

Rolling back social and environmental safeguards: Global Report
Reports & Research
February 2021

This crucial report demonstrates how states and other actors are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to roll back social and environmental safeguards. In doing so, they are eroding the rights of indigenous peoples in the five most tropically forested countries of the world

Brasil: os perigos de reverter as salvaguardas ambientais e sociais para os direitos dos povos indígenas e das florestas durante a COVID-19
Reports & Research
February 2021

Nos últimos anos, o governo brasileiro reverteu as proteções ambientais e sociais, ameaçando ecossistemas como a floresta amazônica e a subsistência de povos indígenas e comunidades tradicionais.

Persistence and Change in Customary Tenure Systems in Myanmar
Reports & Research
January 2021

Based on a broad review of the existing documentation, the study describes the diversity of customary tenure systems in various regions of Myanmar; it looks at what they have in common and how they differ. It investigates the processes that affect or weaken the community jurisdiction over their lands and resources.