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Le Sénégal pays agricole essentiellement composé d’agriculteurs, de paysans est situé à l’extrême Ouest du continent africain avec une superficie totale de 196 720 km 2. La superficie totale cultivable est estimée à 3,8 millions d’ha soit 19 pour cent de la superficie totale.

Reports & Research
Latin America and the Caribbean

GASTELO ACUÑA, Raul Patrício. Monsieur le Capital e Madame la Terre: dos fundamentos teóricos às significações da reforma agrária. 2009. 224f. – Tese (Doutorado) – Universidade Federal do Ceará, Programa de Pós-graduação em Sociologia, Fortaleza (CE), 2009.

South-Eastern Asia

This Decree regulates the agrarian reform and the management of natural resources in Indonesia. It shall be a process of sustainable restructuring, monitoring, ownership and exploration of such resources.

Journal Articles & Books

Este artículo indaga el modo en que las resistencias sociales manifiestan los vínculos entre la cooperación Sur-Sur de China y el acaparamiento de tierras (land grabbing). Con ese fin, se realiza un estudio de caso del proyecto Xai-Xai en Mozambique.

National Policies
Eastern Africa

The Goal of the present cross-sectoral National Forest Plan (NFP) is formulated as follows: “An integrated forest sector that achieves sustainable increases in economic, social and environmental benefits from forests and trees by all the people of Uganda, especially the poor and vulnerable”.The objectives of the NFP are: 1) To raise the incomes and quality of life of poor people through forestr


The Second National Conference of Farmer Women was held from 3-5 March, 2013 at Thimura,Chitwan with the participation of 162 women from 48 districts of Nepal. The conference wasorganized with focused discussion on 'Women's Land Ownership and Identity’. The conferencewell speculated the women's issues by announcing the action point.

Reports & Research

La ley de restitución de tierras en Colombia ha sido una de las políticas más importantes para tratar el tema de la reparación efectiva a las víctimas del conflicto armado en el país.

Journal Articles & Books

En la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, hacia la década del noventa se declaró el estado de "emergencia habitacional" con la finalidad de frenar los desalojos compulsivos y masivos que dejaban a familias enteras en la calle.

Reports & Research

Based on experiences gained by the 3 authors through previous research activities and assignments in different parts of Africa and reading of existing literature. Identifies and discusses what is seen as being the most important issues in the ongoing debate about African land rights and land conflicts.