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Promoting Worker Rights Worldwide"..."In Burma, the Solidarity Center supports union efforts to expose the government's criminal and systematic worker rights violations, promote and protect migrant worker rights, and sow the seeds of democracy."..."In Thailand, the Solidarity Center and its partners push for enforcement of international labor standards and national labo

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El presente ensayo trata del derecho de propiedad en las Comunidades Andinas y Amazónicas del Perú, identificadas como pueblos indígenas u originarios en el continente Americano.

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In Latin America, water governance is facing the problem of rising demand for water resources, increased hydrological variability in a context of climate change, proliferating contamination and thus —in general— increasing scarcity of water in terms of quantity, quality, and opportunity. This creates competition and conflicts among stakeholders.


El Foro Mundial sobre el Acceso a la Tierra y los Recursos Naturales (FMAT 2016) se ha desarrollado en Valencia, España, del 31 de marzo al 2 de abril, con el apoyo de más
de 1200 organizaciones campesinas y de la sociedad civil, instituciones nacionales, internacionales, expertos y profesionales de más de 70 países. Ha reunido a más de 400

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This issue brief thus aims to:
• Contribute to enriching regional and national perspectives in
tackling China’s role in influencing policies and institutions of
other developing countries that are related to access to land and
tenurial security;
• Set a framework that will guide the research, the policy analysis,