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If 2009 was the end of the hinterland and the beginning of a new globalized forest era, 2010 was a year of pushback. Worldwide, the news was full of reports of forest communities and Indigenous Peoples pushing back at land grabs and shaping policy at the national and global levels, and of governments countering and trying to contain community rights.

Reports & Research

Presentando como foco investigativos los desplazamientos territoriales, experimentados como tránsitos y mudanzas de orden geográfica y subjetiva vividas en el transcursos de esta tesis, mi intención con este estudio es explorar qué ocurre y cómo los sujetos implicados en este trabajo perciben este movimiento.

Reports & Research

Abstracts accessible. Full texts by (expensive) subscription. Some texts free..."The Journal of Peasant Studies is one of the leading journals in the field of rural development. It was founded on the initiative of Terence J. Byres and its first editors were Byres, Charles Curwen and Teodor Shanin.

Policy Papers & Briefs

This paper discusses the country strategies and program frameworks
of three intergovernmental agencies, the European Com
mission (EC), the International Fund for Agricultural Development
(IFAD) and the World Bank (WB), as related to land access and
rural development in Asia. It focuses on six countries: Bangladesh,


The report of the discussion that took place online in September 2012 is now online!!! (Special thanks to Andrea...) Check it in the attachement below. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we would be glad to recveive more feed back from you. Jai jagat!