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disturbance is a head of claim for compensation for losses resulting from the taking of land, other than the taking of the land itself, or the associated effects of the taking on land retained.

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Peer-reviewed publication
March 2015

Canadian forests are often perceived as pristine and among the last remaining wilderness, but the majority of them are officially managed and undergo direct land use, mostly for wood harvest. This land use has modified their functions and properties, often inadvertently (e.g., age structure) but sometimes purposefully (e.g., fire suppression).

Green Peace
Journal Articles & Books
May 2014
A energia elétrica é uma das bases do desenvolvimento, consequentemente é um dos principais influentes na questão ambiental, estando no cerne das discussões do desenvolvimento sustentável.
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December 2013

Although human-related disturbance is usually detrimental for biodiversity, in some instances it can simulate natural processes and benefit certain species. Changes in the disturbance regime, both natural and human-driven, can affect species that rely on it.

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December 2012
United States of America

Chinese and European privets are among the most aggressive invasive shrubs in forestlands of the southern United States. We analyzed extensive field data collected by the U.S. Forest Service covering 12 states to identify potential determinants of invasion and to predict likelihood of further invasion under a variety of possible management strategies.

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December 2010

The Top End region of the Northern Territory, Australia, is noted for its relatively unmodified natural state. To gain some insight into the potential for maintaining ecosystem health in this region we undertook a study that assessed the distribution of weeds across very extensive transects.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2010

Feedbacks between climate warming and fire have the potential to alter Arctic and sub-Arctic vegetation. In this paper we assess the effects and interactions of temperature and wildfire on plant communities across the transition between the Arctic and sub-Arctic. Mackenzie Delta region, Northwest Territories, Canada. We sampled air temperatures, green alder (Alnus viridis ssp.

Human Rights Watch
Reports & Research
May 2007
Em Luanda, capital de Angola, o Governo despejou coercivamente e de forma violenta milhares de pessoas que viviam em áreas habitacionais informais com pouco ou nenhum aviso prévio.
Reports & Research
December 2006

In dit rapport wordt een begripsdefinitie en een operationele definitie gegeven van `verrommeling¿. In de 72 1 x 1 km grids, die ook in de Steekproef Landschap worden gebruikt, is een oordeel gegeven aan de mate van verrommeling. Dit is gerelateerd aan het vóórkomen van storende elementen, de uitstraling ervan en aan landschapskenmerken zoals de afwisseling in gebruiksfuncties.