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Eviction is the removal of someone from their occupation of land or property.

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Reports & Research
March 2015

En junio de 2014 sucede algo inédito en la historia de la lucha por la tierra en Paraguay: una comunidad indígena (Sawhoyamaxa), logra la restitución de las 14.404 hectáreas de tierras que hace más de 20 años viene reclamando como suyas. En 2006, la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos había determinado que en justicia le pertenecía.

Reports & Research
March 2015

El caso de comunidades migrantes que se establecen en tierras baldías y luego, el Estado construye una represa que inunda sus tierras, y los desplaza, afectando su vida, y obligándolos a años de lucha demandando una justa indemnización y la dotación de nuevas tierras.

March 2015

The first paper of this section
(Durand-Laserve) documents how increasing pressures on urban
land and the 'commodification' of shelter and
settlement has increased 'market evictions' of
families holding intermediate tide to property, although

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Policy Papers & Briefs
March 2015

In early 2015, Maasai and Datoga citizens living in the Morogoro region of Tanzania were victims of deadly, ethnic violence. According to reports from local media, the assaults were instigated by public figures interested in acquiring land, and state authorities have not intervened to protect Maasai citizens.

Manuals & Guidelines
March 2015
South Africa

This guide explains your rights and the law regarding evictions, and gives practical advice on how to resist them. It is a resource for individuals, households and communities who are facing eviction from their homes, as well as for community-based paralegals, CBOs, social movements etc.

Handbook on United Nations Basic Principles and Guidelines
Manuals & Guidelines
March 2015

This Handbook provides a summary and the actual text of the United Nations (UN) Basic Principles and Guidelines on Development-based Evictions and Displacement, acknowledged by the UN Human Rights Council in December 2007. A first short section focuses on India before looking at the international context.

Reports & Research
February 2015
Central African Republic

The crisis that engulfed the Central African Republic (CAR) in the end of 2012 resulted in the perpetration of gross human rights violations, including the widespread looting and destruction of homes.

January 2015
South-Eastern Asia

Across the world, the housing sector
plays a key role in local and national economies, and
expanding access to housing can encourage more equitably
shared economic growth. This report surveys current policy
interventions designed to encourage affordable housing in

Policy Brief: The Implementation of Rwanda’s Expropriation Law and Outcomes on the Population cover image
Reports & Research
Policy Papers & Briefs
January 2015

This Policy Brief summarizes the main findings and recommendations of qualitative and quantative research on implementation and outcomes of the 2007 Expropriation Law in Rwanda. Rwanda is developing at a remarkably rapid pace, and with that development has come a multitude of corresponding changes to the orientation and use of land throughout the country.

December 2014

Development and humanitarian actors
currently engaged in Somalia face the challenge of
delivering assistance in such a way that it is supportive of
peace and state building, addresses the acute vulnerability,
and dependence of large shares of the population while