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indigenous peoples' lands

territory whose owners legitimacy is drawn from prior occupancy (founding fathers).

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Peer-reviewed publication
September 2012

Across the world, areas with high or important biodiversity are often located within Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ conserved territories and areas (ICCAs).

Reports & Research
May 2012

Fiscal instruments are tools that governments use to manage revenue and expenditure and therefore influence the growth (or stability) of the various sectors of the economy. Government revenue is derived primarily through taxation. In Kenya, land taxation has contributed less than 1% of government revenue for the past three years. The Sessional Paper No.

Journal Articles & Books
September 2011

kenya land alliance download :Memorandum On Continued Engagement With The Ministry Of Lands On Land Reforms Presented To: The Ministry Of Lands. The approval by the public of the Constitution at the referendum on August 4, 2010 and its promulgation on August 27, 2010 heralded a new dawn of governance in Kenya.

 ‘Shifting ground’: Renegotiating land rights and rural livelihoods in Sarawak, Malaysiaapv_1446 136..147
Peer-reviewed publication
August 2011

In this paper, we use an actor-oriented perspective to explore the nature and extent of conflict and negotiation with regard to land use and tenure among the Iban of Sarawak. The Iban are shifting cultivators who have long been involved in smallholder cash crops.

Legislation & Policies
August 2011

The present Law develops the context, principles and procedures for the right to prior consultation to Indigenous peoples or native regard to the legislative or administrative measures that directly affect them.  It is interpreted in accordance with the obligations under Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO), ratified by the Peruvian State through the Legislative Resolut

Izabel Cristina dos Santos Teixeira
Journal Articles & Books
January 2011
Southern Africa
O foco deste trabalho é a representação dos espaços presentes no romance Terra Sonâmbula (COUTO, 1999). Ele traz à tona a guerra civil em Moçambique (1976-1992), desencadeada por duas facções distintas que lutam por um mesmo fim: a conquista do poder político no país, após a independência colonial. Os espaços a serem abordados sofrem transformações, em meio a essa guerra.
Instituto Socioambiental
Journal Articles & Books
March 2010
South America
Após 30 anos de exílio de sua terra de origem, os Kaxuyana regressaram, e atualmente encontram-se de volta ao rio ‘Kaxuru’, lugar que deu origem ao próprio nome ‘Kaxuyana’, que quer dizer ‘gente do rio Cachorro’, afluente do médio rio Trombetas, situado no oeste do estado do Pará.
Journal Articles & Books
January 2010

In this paper, we discuss ties between territoriality, and the construction of an indigenous identity and their own land-related judicial institutions, based on the case study on the indigenous community settled on reservation Cañamomo-Lomaprieta, located in the localities of Riosucio and Supía, department of Caldas, Colombia.