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land dispute

a land dispute is a disagreement over land.

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Ghana palm oil development, taken on 11 September 2013 in Ghana near Amantia Asuotwene. Photo by Jbdodane.
Training Resources & Tools
February 2019
Sub-Saharan Africa

New research by the Quantifying Tenure Risk (QTR) initiative has revealed that land disputes can cause losses of up to $101 million across a range of agricultural projects in Africa, while at the same time causing significant harm and stress to local communities who have a claim to the land.

Reports & Research
January 2019

This report explains TMP Systems’ statistical analysis of how geospatial data showing indicators of local environmental, social and governance (ESG) conditions correlate with tenure risk. The results indicate strong enough correlations between some of these indicators and tenure risk, to support use of the indicators by companies and investors.

Reports & Research
January 2019

Monitoring reports were prepared in six Asian countries to understand the nature, causes, and impacts of land and resource conflicts, and to highlight the human rights issues intertwined with them.

 Case 2.1 – Special Agricultural Business Lease (SABL)
Journal Articles & Books
January 2019
Papua New Guinea

On July 21, 2011 the then Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal announced the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate 77 land leases which were issued under the Somare government’s Special Agriculture & Business Leases (SABL).

Nigeria: The Harvest Of Death - Three Years Of Bloody Clashes Between Farmers and Herders in Nigeria cover image
Reports & Research
December 2018

This report documents the violent clashes between members of farmer communities and members of herder communities in parts of Nigeria, particularly in the northern parts of the country, over access to resources: water, land and pasture.

Rural & Urbano
Journal Articles & Books
November 2018
Latin America and the Caribbean
South America
O presente artigo tem como objetivo discutir as dinâmicas de concepção do espaço urbano contemporâneo, visto como espaço social, produzido e reproduzido em conexão com as relações políticas e econômicas presentes no processo de implementação do Parque Dona Lindu no Recife (estudo de caso), discussão essa construída a partir dos discursos de alguns representantes do poder público e da sociedad