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use rights

These are rights to use the land for agriculture, grazing, gathering of forestry products, etc. The right to use land is one of the essential rights of landownership, but may also be the right to use and profit from immovable property as if the user were the owner (usufruct).

Source: FAO Land Tenure Manuals, No.2, FAO, 2006

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National Policies
South America

The National Programme on Forests 2004-2007 (PNF) aims to promote the balanced and sustainable use and conservation of Brazilian forests. This will be done through the articulation of public policies related to issues such as: land tenure, credit and financing, environmental legislation, research and technology, training and capacity building, etc.

Northern Europe

This Law enables the National Trust for Jersey to enter into agreements with persons willing to accept restrictions on the development or use of land in which they hold rights. The Trust shall have power to enforce such agreement or covenant against entitled persons with respect to adjacent land.