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agrarian structure

The complex of relationships involving land tenure, production, supporting services and rural institutions. Source: UNBIS Thesaurus, 2009

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March 2012

This paper revisits the role of land
measurement error in the inverse farm size and productivity
relationship. By making use of data from a nationally
representative household survey from Uganda, in which
self-reported land size information is complemented by plot

March 2012

Over the coming decades, land policy and
administration, for urban as well as rural areas, will be
critical for Ethiopia's development. The vast majority
of people making up the Federal Democratic Republic of
Ethiopia's (FDRE) predominantly agricultural economy

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Reports & Research
January 2012

This appendix takes output from the production and investment model and sets out further detail on the development profiles of each of the six clusters, providing projections of on-farm investment, last mile infrastructure, and necessary supporting agriculture and backbone infrastructure. From this, it details the resulting gross revenue and developmental impact of that investment