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defensores tambopata
January 2024
Latin America and the Caribbean

Los cinco episodios del podcast ‘Guardianes del Tambopata’, producido por la Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), se encuentran disponibles en las plataformas de Spotify, Amazon Music y Deezer.

Reports & Research
November 2023

For over a century, energy multinationals have been wrecking the planet and exploiting people in pursuit of profit. Now, power producers and technology manufacturers are marketing themselves as ‘green’ to boost their reputation and benefit from public subsidies, grabbing lands, violating human rights and destroying communities along the way.

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Forest Tenure Pledge
Reports & Research
November 2023

This second Forest Tenure Funders Group (FTFG) annual report analyzes progress against the five-year, $1.7 billion commitment to the tenure rights and forest guardianship of Indigenous Peoples and local communities (IPs and LCs) in tropical forest countries announced at COP26.

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Peer-reviewed publication
November 2023
Western Sahara

Ce papier constitue une synthèse des acquis et des handicaps de la restauration des paysages forestiers et régimes fonciers au Cameroun.

Corruption risks in land-based solutions to climate change
Policy Papers & Briefs
October 2023

“Nature-based” solutions to climate change require the acquisition of large swaths of land for reforestation, afforestation, conservation and renewable energy sources. However, corruption in the land sector is already widespread and this additional demand for land may aggravate pre-existing corruption risks, as well as causing new ones.

Reports & Research
September 2023

This report presents the first global analysis of funding pathways in support of Indigenous Peoples’ and Local Communities’ (IPs' & LCs') tenure and forest guardianship, a project spurred by the IP & LC Forest Tenure Pledge made by 22 donors in 2021.

Legislation & Policies
May 2023

These goals and targets are purposively (and appropriately) designed to work as an integrated whole, reflecting the same principle of indivisibility embodied in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They require actions to be integrated across the whole of government and society.

Documental Niweaba
January 2023

Las comunidades shipibas cuyos territorios se ubican en la provincia de Coronel Portillo, región Ucayali, enfrentan múltiples amenazas a sus derechos territoriales y sus vidas: narcotráfico, tala ilegal. Pero no solo actividades ilegales, también concesiones forestales y agrícolas otorgadas por el Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego en sus territorios.

Foto: APqC
Journal Articles & Books
December 2022
South America

No final de 2020, em meio a grave crise de saúde mundial do coronavírus, o Governo do Estado de São Paulo encaminhou à Assembleia Legislativa projeto de lei que, sob a justificativa de equilibrar as finanças, propunha extinguir vários órgãos públicos.