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Land registration is the official recording of legally recognised interests in land and is usually part of a cadastral system. From a legal perspective a distinction can be made between deeds registration, where the documents filed in the registry are the evidence of title, and registration of title, in which the register itself serves as the primary evidence.


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Western Europe

This Decree amends the Cadastre Decree and some other Decrees in relation to the entry into force of the Act No. 410 of 2003 to amend Cadastre Act and the Cadastre Organisation Act (adjustment of purposes and duties of Cadastre Service and other public registries), the revised Cadastre Act of 2005 and other legislation relative to ships and aircrafts.

Central Asia

This Order establishes criteria for valuation of agricultural land by State Committee on Land Resources, Geodesy, Cartography and Land Cadastre with the consideration of data recorded in state land cadastre and other registration authorities, including valuation of irrigation and drainage systems located on agricultural land.

South America

El presente Acuerdo modifica el reglamento para otorgar el bono de titulación destinado a financiar la formalización y perfeccionamiento de las escrituras de traspaso de dominio del inmueble, respecto al proceso de selección y calificación de los postulantes para el bono.

Eastern Africa

“Land” here includes land covered with water and things affixed on land or growing on land (sect. 2). The Act shall apply to any area constituted as a Registration District by the Minister under section 5In each District a land registry shall be maintained in which information set out in section 6 shall be kept. Section 7 concerns appointment of land registration officers.

Northern Europe

This Act establishes guidelines on surveying and mapping of cadastre through the Survey and Cadastre Authority. The latter must perform the geodetic surveying and topographic mapping of Denmark including the Faroe Islands and Greenland, as well as their waters.

Implemented by: Order No. 1430 on free use of data. (2012-12-23)

Eastern Europe

This Federal Law establishes the legal basis for the activity in the field of designation and renaming of geographical objects and normalization, use, registration, and maintenance of the naming of geographical objects as part of historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation. The document consists of 14 Articles. Article 1 introduces the main notions.