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Peer-reviewed publication
January 2021
United States of America

This paper traces the evolution of land tenure changes in contemporary China since 1949. The transfer of land from peasant households to family farms and commercial sized units is on a vast scale and forms one of the greatest land reforms we have ever seen.

Cahier du foncier au Tchad book cover
Journal Articles & Books
December 2020

Le foncier coutumier du Tchad est appréhendé par les chercheurs comme une réalité statique et n’est pas défini de manière cohérente par le législateur. Ses fondements à savoir la sacralité, le caractère collectif et inaliénable qui ressortent dans les différents travaux, sont restés les mêmes à travers le temps.

Journal Articles & Books
February 2020

This study analyses the effect of Kazakhstan’s 2003–2005 agricultural land reform on land rental and credit market participation. Although the reform declared an intention to facilitate efficient land alloca- tion, we observe a major land concentration. We analyze whether new land relations stimulated land sales and rental markets and made credit more accessible.

Peer-reviewed publication
January 2020

With the feminization of agriculture, the role of women in the rural land transfer market is becoming increasingly important. However, at present, there is little research focusing on the relationship between the off-farm migration of female laborers and land transfer rates.

Reports & Research
February 2019

Crowd sourced information submitted anonymously from the students of the class of 2017-2020 of the European Law School Programme from Maastricht University Faculty of Law.