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land use

Arrangements, activities and inputs people undertake in a certain land cover type to maintain it or produce change.


Source: ISO/TC 211 Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms

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Reduced-impact logging is a well known practice applied in most sustainable forest management plans in the Amazon. Nevertheless, there are still ways to improve the operational planning process. Therefore, the aim of this study was to create an integer linear programming (ILP) to fill in the knowledge gaps in the decision support system of reduced impact logging explorations.

South-Eastern Asia

The Decree provides the allotment of state-owned land destined to planting of perennial trees, seasonal crops and forestation, plus the water surface required for aquaculture farming to individuals, households and organizations which shall invest in the resulting production.

National Policies
United Kingdom
Northern Europe

The vision of the present Strategy is that Wales will be known for its high-quality woodlands that enhance the landscape, are appropriate to local conditions and have a diverse mixture of species and habitats.

Eastern Europe

This Regional Law regulates relations in the sphere of protection, management and reproduction of urban forests with a view of creation of favourable environment for the population. The role of urban forests shall be as follows: (a) recreational, ecological, aesthetic, sanitary and other protection functions; (b) tourism and sport.

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Este artículo tiene como finalidad explorar la relación que existe entre las dinámicas de la inversión extranjera y la migración formada en el contexto del conflicto armado colombiano.

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Accounting for one quarter of China’s land area, the endorheic Shiyang River basin is a vast semi-arid to arid region in China’s northwest. Exploring the impact of changes in land use on this arid area’s carbon budget under global warming is a key component to global climate change research.

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El estudio titulado, “Los Derechos y Obligaciones de los Copropietarios frente a terceros”, busca analizar de qué manera se relaciona los derechos y obligaciones de los copropietarios frente a la intervención de un tercero, en una población constituida por cinco sentencias de casación expedidas por la Corte Suprema de Justicia de Lima de los años 2008 a 2015 obtenida de manera no probabilística

Reports & Research

El trabajo pretende desde una perspectiva académica contribuir a la discusión sobre la búsqueda de soluciones eficientes e implementables para los problemas de contaminación ambiental en Colombia y se centra en el análisis particular del problema de contaminación del Río Bogotá.