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land use

Arrangements, activities and inputs people undertake in a certain land cover type to maintain it or produce change.


Source: ISO/TC 211 Multi-Lingual Glossary of Terms

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The rural space close to the Colombian large cities, presents a critical panorama due to its borderline situation between a field that has practically been abandoned as developmental, economic, and social project in the last sixty years, and a city submitted to an intensive urbanization process, which in a short period has changed the demography, economy, and culture of the country.

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Common approaches to mapping green infrastructure in urbanised landscapes invariably focus on measures of land use or land cover and associated functional or physical traits. However, such one-dimensional perspectives do not accurately capture the character and complexity of the landscapes in which urban inhabitants live.

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The population growth and the great amount of produced waste makes increasingly difficult to find optimal terrains that comply with all legal requirements.

Eastern Europe

The scope of this Regional Law shall be conservation and improvement of environmental, protective and other beneficial qualities of urban forests. Urban forest shall not be included in state forest fund, but shall be classified as public forest managed by regional administration.

Central Asia

This Governmental Decree classifies areas of state natural parks in three categories: (a) protected; (b) ecologically stabilizing; (c) tourist and recreational; and (d) area of limited economic activity. Any activity causing deterioration and exhaustion of natural resources and objects and also violating different protection regimes shall be prohibited on the territory of state natural parks.

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Costa Rica

El estudio evaluó el manejo policíclico realizado a doce unidades de manejo propiedad de Tecnoforest del Norte S.A., Limón, Costa Rica. El manejo aplicado a estas unidades de manejo lo llevó a cabo la Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Cordillera Volcánica Central (FUNDECOR).

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El objetivo de este trabajo es la identificación y el análisis de las áreas con aptitud potencial para el desarrollo de actividades de producción primaria, expansión del uso urbano y conservación de vegetación nativa, a partir de la obtención de mapas de aptitud continua y posteriormente sus combinaciones tendientes a identificar las localizaciones de las áreas de potencial conflicto entre dich

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Northern America

The present Vision wants Canada to be the best in the world in sustainable forest management and a global leader in forest sector innovation.

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Este trabalho se refere ao desenvolvimento de um modelo computacional para suporte à tomada de decisão, quanto ao planejamento e manejo de projetos de irrigação e/ou drenagem.