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Rethinking post-disaster relocation in urban India cover image
Policy Papers & Briefs
August 2017

After natural disasters, governments often relocate vulnerable urban communities in the name of humanitarian relief. But urban communities rarely welcome such relocation, since it frequently exacerbates their daily challenges or creates new risks. Indeed, resettlement after a disaster is often another form of eviction.

July 2017

This Regulation repeals Subparagraph (b) of Paragraph 1 of Article 5 and Subparagraph (b) of Paragraph 4 of Article 6.

Amends: Regulation on the implementation of Law No. 6306 on restructuring of areas under risk of natural disasters. (2012-12-15)

July 2017

This Law determines several provisions and measures, that also implementing and amending certain regional Laws, aimed at adapting the Emilia-Romagna regional legislative rules as regards the environmental field and introduction of measures in favor of territories that are or were affected by earthquakes (territories hit by earthquakes in 2012 and 2016).This text, as regards the environmental fi

Journal Articles & Books
June 2017

En este trabajo se estudiaron los efectos de eventos El Niño y La Niña sobre la distribución espacio-temporal de las precipitaciones y el agua superficial en el sur de la Región Pampeana, Argentina. Para ello, se analizaron series mensuales de precipitación con el método de Quintiles, el de la tendencia central o la Normal y el Índice Estandarizado de Precipitación.

National Policies
June 2017

This revised agricultural policy and strategic framework provides a coherent policy framework to address the key challenges in Timor-Leste. The Government recognizes that there is no simple "solution by technology".

Journal Articles & Books
June 2017
Sierra Leone

Through a review of recent writings in political ecology and agrarian studies, this paper appraises the potential for emerging forms of ‘green economy’ initiatives to catalyze new forms of internal displacement in West Africa, with specific emphasis on the postwar contexts of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Manuals & Guidelines
May 2017

Edição nº 99 da Revista do meio ambiente: O que está em jogo na "Economia Verde"