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June 2016

This report presents to the Government
of Georgia (GoG) an analysis of the implications of
potential policy changes to internally displaced person
(IDP) assistance. A pressing question for policy makers in
Georgia is the sustainability of status-based IDP assistance

Policy Papers & Briefs
June 2016
South America

El fenómeno de “El Niño” ha afectado a la región con efectos cada vez más visibles y dañinos en diferentes áreas del cotidiano vivir, sin embargo hay otros problemas que hacen que la tierra reciba cada vez más daños y cambios. El IPDRS presenta este breve análisis de los efectos “De ‘El Niño’ y otros fenómenos” en Colombia y Sudamérica.

May 2016

Robert B. Zoellick, World Bank Group President, addresses the
biggest threat to the poor around the world: high and
volatile food prices. The Bank released an updated Food Price Watch
that underscores the need for the G20 to put food
first. The key driver behind the upward spiral in the food

May 2016

Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank Group, discusses promoting strong economic growth in developing countries. He speaks about the need to invest in people,
especially in education, health and to build social safety
nets and protections against both natural disasters and

Reports & Research
May 2016

Every year most parts of India are affected by drought.But the Centre and State has failed so far to diagnose the drought phenomenon and to come up with a long term solution. Declaration of drought is a sensitive issue. The nature of drought is such that it does not occur in the same intensity across the Country and State and also has differential impacts.

April 2016

This paper presents the conceptual framework for a training program on
integrating disaster risk reduction and climate-change mitigation into
Agriculture and Rural Development Department (ARD) programming. Its
target audience consists of World Bank task team leaders and their national
counterparts and partners working in agriculture and rural settings.

April 2016

This paper aims to contribute to
learning on community engagement and community driven
development (CDD) in urban areas. Specifically, the review
describes the World Bank’s use of participatory and CDD
approaches in urban areas between 2003 and 2013; identifies

Reports & Research
March 2016

Abstract. "We use numerical climate simulations, paleoclimate data, and modern observations to study the effect of growing ice melt from Antarctica and Greenland. Meltwater tends to stabilize the ocean column, inducing amplifying feedbacks that increase subsurface ocean warming and ice shelf melting.