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The process or business of extracting ore or minerals from the ground.

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December 2017

Reflecting on both the Mining Code of 1886 and the subsequent amendments administered to said code in 1892, this investigation endeavors to evaluate the immense impact that its implementation caused in Ecuador’s geographic space.

Peer-reviewed publication
December 2017

In the Mongolian Plateau, the desert steppe, mountains, and dry lake bed surfaces may affect the process of dust storm emissions. Among these three surface types, dry lake beds are considered to contribute a substantial amount of global dust emissions and to be responsible for “hot spots” of dust outbreaks.

Reports & Research
December 2017

This thesis documents as well as questions how the presence of large mining operations in Andean regions of Peru alters social and natural landscapes. Taking conflicts over water as a useful entry-point for the analysis, it explores and unravels the dilemmas and challenges faced by the main conflicting actors: rural communities and mining companies.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2017

The article presents the analysis of the current situation of the damaged land in Klaipeda County. The study found that the number of affected areas in the county – 266. Because the damaged areas consist of mineral quarries and territories occupied by dumps, the article contains the description and condition of these areas.

Reports & Research
December 2017
South Africa
Southern Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

This research reviews legislation and policies in Zimbabwe that have a direct or indirect bearing on the relocation of communities. The current model for large-scale investments has changed from previous models, where the majority of investment projects were undertaken by international companies with limited governmental intervention.

Reports & Research
December 2017

La cuestión agraria en Brasil, por ser bastante compleja, contiene varias caras y esta disertación aborda una de esas posibilidades de análisis: los conflictos agrarios generados por el Proyecto de minería Ferro Carajás S11D en el municipio de Canaán dos Carajás, estado de Pará.

Reports & Research
December 2017

From the mid-2000s, a commodity boom underpinned a wave of land use investments in low- and middle-income countries. While agribusiness, mining and petroleum concessions often involve promises of jobs and public revenues, they have also prompted concerns about land dispossession, exclusionary investment models and infringements of the rights of vulnerable groups.

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December 2017
Eastern Asia

It is acknowledged that conflict over land is a major source of violence in various parts of Mindanao, particularly the prosed Bangsamoro region. Historical accounts trace the root cause of land issues and identity-based conflict to the introduction of the Regalian doctrine of land ownership by Spanish colonizers.