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The process or business of extracting ore or minerals from the ground.

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Reports & Research
January 2019

This study determined pre-conflict, conflict and post-conflict land use change and analysed the impact of armed conflict on the intensity of land use change in northern Nimba County. 

Reconsidering Sovereignty, Ownership and Consent in Natural Resource Contracts: From Concepts to Practice
Journal Articles & Books
January 2019

A wave of commercial investments in the natural resource sectors has rekindled debates about the place of contracts in the interface between economic governance and control over natural resources.

Conference Papers & Reports
December 2018

Land is one of the most important natural resources; its use is determined by several factors, especially resources and infrastructure. Without proper land management and maintenance as well as after abandoning the land favourable conditions arise for land degradation. Land degradation processes are also found in road infrastructure, which are promoted by various risk factors.

Peer-reviewed publication
December 2018

Mining can have a notable environmental and social footprint both during the production phase and after the mine closure. We examined local stakeholders’ viewpoints on two post-mining areas in northern Finland, Hannukainen and Rautuvaara, using a public participation geographic information system (PPGIS) approach.

Peer-reviewed publication
December 2018

Mining is an important source of revenue for many developing countries, however, the social, environmental and economic impacts of mining are often poorly monitored.

Reports & Research
October 2018

En Guinée, l’un des pays les plus pauvres du monde, l’exploitation de la bauxite est en plein essor. Depuis 2015, le gouvernement du président Alpha Condé a fait de la Guinée l’un des principaux exportateurs mondiaux, et le plus grand exportateur de ce minerai vers la Chine, le premier producteur mondial d’aluminium.